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15 August 2008 @ 11:51 am
suggestions, problems , & FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  
Suggestions, Problems, & Concerns

If you are here to leave a suggestion, this post is to gather all the suggestions for the community in one place. The moderators will consider your request as soon as possible.

If you are here for any problems, issues or concerns you have with broadwaysecrets, other users and/or any of the moderators please comment with as much information as you can provide. We will get back to you on the issue as soon as possible.

You can always e-mail the moderators at broadwaysecrets@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Please leave us a comment if you do not understand the answer to your question or would like us to clarify something. If you do not see the question you would like an answer to please leave it in a comment and a moderator will answer it as soon as possible.

→ How do I join broadwaysecrets?

Only moderators may join broadwaysecrets. You may friend the community by clicking here. Under no circumstances should you go to a moderator's personal journal and ask to be added to broadwaysecrets.


→ How do I submit a secret?

There is a submission post once every Friday following the secrets post. When you see the submission post leave a comment with the direct link to your secret.


→ Where is the submission post?

The submission post is posted in broadwaysecrets every Friday. It will usually be found at the top of the mainpage.


→ Will you make a separate community for Wicked/West End/Etc secrets?

Such communities already exist. Even so, broadwaysecrets is open for secrets on all theatre shows and locations - Broadway, West End, Regional, International, the latest happenings at your summer stock show, etc.


→ How do I know if my secret is the right size?

No secrets above 600px in width and/or above 600px in height will not be posted. To check out how large you can right click on your secret and go to properties and it will say how large your secret is.


→ What reliable websites do you recommend I upload my secrets to?

We only accept images hosted to tinypic.com.


→ What link should I use when posting a secret?

In Tinypic, please use the red highlighted link.

This is what your comment will look like if you are using the correct link.

This is what your comment will look like if you are using the incorrect link.


→ Why wasn't my secret posted?
Most unposted secrets go over the requirement for broadwaysecrets All secrets must be either or under 600 x 600 pixels for our dial-up friends.

Only tinypic.com! That means no imageshack and no photobucket. If tinypic.com is down, try again later.

Please always label your submissions. Yes, typing out "Idina Menzel" might seem obvious, but it makes the posting process easier for the mods.

This is mainly for the facebook secrets. From the userinfo: Screen caps of actors' & actresses' facebooks / myspace / friendster / etc. are no longer allowed. This ranges from their facebook status to their personal pictures. If a picture used in a secret seems to be a personal picture, it will not be posted unless the submitter links to where we can find this picture.

Secrets about non-theatre people are not allowed. broadwaysecrets is not the place for your comments and attacks on LiveJournal users, broadwayworld.com users, etc.

This does not include reply secrets as long as they are responses to the original secret maker's opinion and not personal attacks about the secret maker.

Screen caps of videos (that are clearly not from youtube) as secret backgrounds are not allowed. Also, please no sharing of links in the comments.

Two people together in the same show at the same time doesn't mean they're doing it. And while those secrets are pretty bad, the parody secrets are even worse.

As for sincere claims? It comes back to the basis for the facebook rule: privacy.

We're not asking for your deepest darkest confessions here. We never have been. But the macros and the inside jokes aren't cutting it. Yes, they're clever and cute and well 'shopped, but lets play pretend and at least phrase them in as a secret.

Secrets will be posted only after they meet these specifications AND the judgment of the mods.